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AC Quiet High Efficiency Mixed Flow Inline Duct Fan

AC D Series Mixed Flow Inline Fan incorporates a durable, UV-resistant plastic housing and utilizes a great motor that is energy efficient, these are in-line duct fans specially designed to maximize airflow performance with minimal noise levels in a small, compact housing.

# Dimensional Table of AC Inline Duct Fan

Model Voltage Frequency Power Air Volume Static Pressure Noise Duct Size Net Weight Applicable Area
(No.) (V) (Hz) (W) (m3/h) (Pa) (dB) (ф mm) (KG) (m²)
D100 220-240 50-60 40 200/150 180/130 30/25 100/125 1.8 8-16
D150 220-240 50-60 60 500/400 300/250 35/30 150/160 2.2 18-36
D200 220-240 50-60 100 850/700 350/280 50/45 200 3.1 34-76
D250 220-240 50-60 200 1500/1100 550/400 60/54 250 7 42-84
D315 220-240 50-60 350 2300/1800 700/500 66/61 315 9.7 60-120

# Performance Curve of AC Inline Fan

sanli ventilation fan d performance curve

The curve “——–” in the picture is the pipeline pressure loss reference curve of 5m/10m/15m/20m/25m/30m.

Parameters of air volume, power and noise are acquired under the static pressure of 0Pa.

Air volume and static pressure is acquired from the own testing center, which may lead to a 士10% difference

Noise value of the sample is the average value of the result acquired at 1m from the left, right and downward sides of the sample.

This may lead to a +3dB difference.

# Feature of AC Duct Ventilator

  • UV and corrosion-resistant, durable plastic housing
  • Virtually silent mixed-flow fan aerodynamically designed for smooth airflow
  • Easy to install – mounting brackets included – simple maintenance
  • May be used for supply or exhaust air
  • Ideal for long duct runs
  • Operable in air stream temperatures up to 140°F
  • Optional pre-wired with 220V power cord
  • High energy-efficient motor
  • Single-phase asynchronous motor
  • IPX4 protection
  • Permanently lubricated ball bearing motor for maintenance-free operation
  • Mixed-flow impeller enabling high static pressure
  • Built-in thermal overload protection with automatic reset
  • Precision-balanced fan and motor for quiet and vibration-free operation
  • Easy access to motor & impeller (no need to dismantle ductwork)
  • Comes with fan brackets for quick & easy installation
  • Fan may be mounted in any position
  • Limited five-year warranty

# Specification of AC Inline Extractor Fan

Mixed flow fan features a specially designed housing that is optimized with an aerodynamic diffuser and specially designed impeller, this combination produces powerful pressure and airflow with very little noise, These models incorporate a powerful mixed flow impeller and internal air vanes located at the discharge end of the fan housing. This impeller and guide vane combination provides a smooth laminar airflow which in turn minimizes turbulence and noise and generates an excellent airflow-to-static pressure performance ratio.

Duct fan is used to supply or exhaust air, they are capable of moving airflow through long or complex duct runs, so they provide an ideal solution for areas that are hard to heat or cool, which ultimate solution for small to medium-sized ventilation installations which require a high airflow to pressure ratio and occupy minimum space (e.g., false ceiling voids, cabinets, and many other limited space environments).

All models include the unique design of the support brackets allows the motor and impeller assembly to be fitted or removed without dismantling the adjacent ducting, therefore facilitating any installation or maintenance, these ventilation fans offer an ideal mixed flow inline duct fan solution for a wide range of HVAC ventilation system applications.

To sum up, this ventilator has the advantages of low noise, large air flow, and high static pressure, this design is more suitable for most ventilation situations compared with axial fans and centrifugal fans. Moreover, the motor and impeller are located at the center of the structure which means you can easily install, remove or maintain them without adjusting the pipeline even in a sealed space. Also, it can be installed randomly on any side of the pipeline, at any angle of the pipeline. Furthermore, this product can be installed with a series connection if you need more pressure.

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# Applications for AC Duct Exhaust Fan

sanli ventilation fan d application

Such as residential, whole house ventilation, offices bathrooms, commercial bathrooms, bathroom exhaust, hospital, commercial, conference room exhaust, duct boosting, general kitchen exhaust, hood exhausts, laundry room exhaust, computer rooms, humidity and moisture removal, powered make-up air, equipment and spot cooling, veterinary clinic, hair and nail, beauty salons, etc.

# Dimensional Table of AC Inline Exhaust Fan

sanli ventilation fan d size
Model A B C D E F G (Hole) H H1
D100 300 ф 100 100 214 62 60 7X5 182 95
D150 293 ф 150 120 237 72 70 7X5 211 110
D200 304 ф 200 140 258 78 85 8X6 235 124
D250 383 ф 250 180 298 119 92 11X8 291 152
D315 413 ф 315 220 364 127 140 11X8 359 189

# Structure (Parts) of AC Mixed Flow Fan

sanli ventilation fan d structure

1, Air Inlets

2, Wind Catcher 1

3, Wind Catcher 2

4, Impeller

5, Snap Joint

6, Motor

7, Center box

8, Wire Sealer

9, Wire box


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