Within the 115, 000 square meters modern standard, we have the international first-class research and development and production facilities, and also the international top-level research and development team.

With over 20 years of experience in the ventilation industry, SANLI insists on the idea of a low-carbon green environment by integrating the IAQ concept. By increasing the production efficiency with the new energy-saving motor, environmentally-friendly materials and optimized air flue design, we provide the consumers with high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe and reliable products all over the world.

We corporation follows the idea of development with energy-saving and low carbon and environmental protection, we’ve also introduced the internationally-advanced “IAQ”, atmospheric displacement technology into China.

As we’ve adopted intellectual property with research and development technology, we can enlarge the effort of our innovation on research and development and manufacturer. This will create a free breath living environment, to improve people’s living environment and improve people’s living conditions. The fresh air system is mainly focused on family housing, commercial public place and other fields.

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